Green / Island

a Lycra Chanel suit some Lycra C.K. jeans, some Morrissey for Qantas rip
offs or the 2000 Sydney Olympics volunteer uniform?   

heart swelling tear jerking symbols of our great country,  a marsupial road kill
pattern OCD gel beaded, hand painted or 

ever so

                  rebelliously  hand ssssscratched,     pour  le edge .


H.B. Peace considers clothing....... we look to it for some god damn answers. 

mostly it replies with one liners and broken excuses, 


        charming but a little difficult. 


H.B. Peace walks the middle ground
 constantly nibbling at both the very bottom and the very top
  in bad n good taste 
 till our sweet frills fill up.   

A home truth returned home

H.B. Peace