i wanna sell it to you again,
your carry on to paris, france
and when you say 
do you ave it?
ill say let me have a (fifteen minute) look
you stand waiting
and i am wanting 
to spend more time with you
looking for something 
i know i don't have.


a collection that stands for then sits down immediately after. simplicity made
overly complex then simple again naively/deftly broken open then male soft
repaired, dull ache mends, we can over-dye, spoken flat into lead knots.
communications paper shredded,  chewed into spitballs spat at the ceiling drying
out in two months time a few stay up there most fall down. half-highly referenced,
everyday drinking a half dissolved berroca, partially absorbed by their

'g'hosts relaxing/pacing up and down their sleeves n pant leg globs, patched
rounded centimeters, lined empty spaces to be filled out in hard black pencil,
continued, forgotten, questions that sit with rather than on us, mark the spot for
the moving target, dig away to pile high, ripped roaring raring to go with nothing
much to say...




Photos: Nadeemy Betros